Event Planning 101

Jolly Brothers is excited to announce the start of a series of helpful hints on planning events. Because the wedding season is upon us, our first post is titled: “Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer” You have spent many months, possibly even years, dreaming about this big day – and now the day is fast approaching. You have many things to plan and consider. Finding the right wedding caterer can make all the difference in the planning and execution of that wonderful day. Because there are so many to choose from, how can you decide?

Here are some great questions to ask so that you ensure you have the right wedding caterer for the job:

  1. Who will be the main contact during the event? It’s always important to know who the primary person is to ask questions to during the event. Sometimes there are so many people working that it is important that you have a primary contact for ease of communication. Ideally, the same person working with you to plan the event will also be there the day of to oversee the details of the day.
  2. Does your company offer bartending services and/or alcohol for the event? Are you licensed to serve alcohol? It is also important to determine if the caterer charges a corkage fee if you provide the alcohol. 
  3. Does your company have a set menu or can I customize the menu to fit the dietary needs of myself and my family? Can the company provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or paleo options for your guests?
  4. I’m on a limited budget, what are some ways I can save money but still have a quality event? Most brides work on a set budget, it is important that your caterer will be sensitive to this need and work within the budget provided.
  5. Can the caterer arrange for a special tasting of any foods you may want to sample? This is a great service that can be offered usually for a nominal fee.
  6. Do you buy your food local and will you provide fresh (not frozen) food for the event? 
  7. Does your company provide the wedding cakes? If not, do you have a baker that you would recommend and is there a “cake-cutting fee”?
  8. Will your company be willing to provide assistance with table setting and decorating? Would you be able to assist with the timing of the event?
  9. Will you be able to provide any tables, chairs, linens, glasses, or place settings? If not, do you have a rental company that you would assist me with? How much would you recommend ordering?
  10. Have you done events at my venue? (If a venue has not been chosen – What venues would you recommend?)

This list is a great starting point and may trigger some more questions of your own. Now that you have asked all your questions, you are more comfortable and prepared for your special day. It is now time to sit back, relax, and let your wedding caterer handle all the details. Allowing you to focus on your loved ones and enjoy your celebration. Give Jolly Brothers a call today for a free customized quote. We would love to be your wedding caterer!


Cyndi Burt